Drake Bates - Bass

Drake Bates – Bass

Drake Bates – Bass

Chris “Drake”  Bates is a young man, always striving to be better at all things, including music of course, but also mentally and spiritually. Compliments are good from others but he remains humble as it is better to let the people speak good about ones self to keep any arrogance away. It seems, he has gained respect amongst band members as a musician/bassist and from respected musicians such as Dave Latchaw. Music to Drake, is like medical drugs. Once in the groove, the clouds aren’t high enough for him. Everything is an influence for music, as he thinks there are notes and beats with everything, such as a washer machine, or ting of a beer bottle. Drake started playing drums at 5, keyboard at 12, and bass at 18, with plans to pick up another instrument soon. So far, this band, because of the originality, has made Drake feel apart of something special that he can make his mark in.”The originality is what’s keeping me with this band”, says Drake.

Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra - Winning Pose / Battle of the Bands

FWFO – Elevatin’ The Funk

Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra – Elevatin’ The Funk

Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra - Elevatin' The Funk. Check out our first song in the studio. A wonderful fusion of funk, hip hop, r & b, jazz, groove and soul.